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  • Extremely easy-to-use, just open the app and start playing music
  • iaria app automatically detects any aria server and selects it with no network hassles. Manual entry of NAS name or IP address is also provided
  • Available zones with compatible DLNA renderers are identified and can be selected anytime in the zones menu
  • Multilanguage GUI support
  • Super-fast loading and scrolling of large libraries
  • Logical tree views in tile layout supported for all extended metadata fields, that allows a unique and powerful browsing experience through the music library
  • Playlists storage in aria server
  • Import music (copy to HDD) and libraries from external HDD and NAS
  • Deletion of music files
  • Automatic playlists creation (top 100, recently played, etc.)
  • On-screen tagging tool for all metadata fields
  • Audio streaming to the Tablet allows listening to aria’s music library on headphones
  • Intelligent Search engine showing results sorted by tracks, albums and metadata fields
  • Streaming music with Airplay: You can stream the music contained in your Tablet, Spotify, Qobuz, Wimp/Tidal, Deezer, Rapsody, Pandora, Internet radio, etc.
  • Streaming to Airplay devices
  • Compatible with iOS and Android




    Unlimited number of extended metadata fields for any music genre

  • iaria options

    Different menus in the left bar or in the main screen:

    • Play Now
    • Play next
    • Add to playlist
    • Shuffle and Play
  • playing


    • Extremely easy-to-use, just open app and start playing music
  • metadata

    • Best metadata retrieval in the market with extended metadata fields
    • Fully automatic for classical CDs