aria 2

Audiophile grade fanless music server.
Digital Outputs or optional DAC (32-384K and DSD).

aria piccolo +

aria piccolo + has the genes of aria. Ripper, streamer, multi-room player and DLNA server. 3TB of internal storage (HDD) or 1/2TB (SSD).


The aria server delivered on what I’d expect of a high end music server and then some. Sonically, I found little if anything to fault, the aria clearly bettering my MacBook Pro in important areas. The aria app is a pleasure to use and classical music lovers should fall in love with its ability to deliver extended meta data making classifying and finding your music a breeze.

Michael Lavorgna

Audiostream, December 4th 2014

I’ve tried many other servers, and have never encountered one so easy to get up and running. But that would be of only academic interest if the Aria didn’t sound good, and it sounds splendid — its built-in DAC is especially good. And the Aria looks as good as it sounds. For me, the Aria’s features easily justify its cost. It gets my highest recommendation, and is a Reviewers’ Choice.

Vade Forrester

Soundstage, 01 January 2015